What we do

Technopolis Group, Oxford Economics and cbased are working with the European Commission in order to answer several important questions about the Silver Economy in Europe. This work will provide strategic information and data needed to establish a reference framework for the development of a Silver Economy Strategy for Europe, building on existing regional, national and industrial initiatives across Europe. 

The study runs from March 2016 to February 2017. It focuses on how product and service innovations, supported by Information and Communication Technology (ICT), may present significant opportunity areas for growth. The application is diverse: spanning areas such as personalised health products, smart homes, driverless vehicles, and service/companion robots. We will also consider cross-thematic areas, where coordinated actions across multiple sectors may enhance growth opportunities.

Our specific objectives:

  • Estimate the European Silver Economy's potential size, from now until 2025. To be measured in terms of markets, economic growth potential and GDP impacts. With particular focus on ICT and related innovation
  • Provide overview of current and planned Silver Economy-related policy initiatives across Europe
  • Identify 10 areas where ICT and innovation have the highest potential to create jobs and economic growth linked to demographic change
  • Develop EU-level policy recommendations focusing on how best to stimulate an emerging Silver Economy in Europe, driven by technological and service innovation in ICT.