Sweden’s National Strategic Research Agenda for an Ageing Population

To confront the challenges of an ageing population, the Swedish government has published a document titled an Ageing Population: National Strategic Research Agenda Final Report.  Funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, the agenda explores the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly elderly population in regards to Sweden’s society, businesses and entrepreneurs. Over 30 public and private organisations have contributed to workshops in order to create a diverse and multidisciplinary agenda. The agenda identifies three main areas of priority for Sweden’s ageing population: housing, nutrition and health. Through these areas, the Swedish government aims to create a sustainable environment for an aged population through the development of accessible goods, services and networks that are in line with the demands and wants of older adults.

The agenda summarises a number of key aspects which should be the focus of future research and innovation areas. Notably welfare technology is flagged as a key tool for preventive actions and solutions for older people. Through adaptation and implementation, the agenda suggests that collaborations in such fields are crucial to achieve positive effects. These collaborations should include different stakeholders from Sweden as well as elsewhere.

Further Reading:

An Ageing Population: National Strategic Research Agenda Final Report, the whole report in Swedish available at: https://www.sp.se/sv/centres/strategiska/aldrande/Documents/Agenda_Ageing%20Population%20(2013)_English.pdf

Analysis of National Strategies for Sustainable Development, an analysis of Swedish national strategies in English available at: