On the 8th June, 2016 a conference was held by the Inter-Municipality Initiative: cross-border e-collaboration in the e-regions at the Slovenian Third Age University in Ljubljana. Its purpose was to promote the e-economic opportunities of positive ageing.  Developed in February 2011, the initiative encourages organisations from across Europe who have any interests in cross-border e-business to engage in ICT based prototype development.

The explicit focus of this conference was to explore and discuss new opportunities arising from public and consumer expenditure in relation to the needs and demands of older adults. The participants were encouraged to consider ICT-based innovative e-solutions and e-services as the best means to access these opportunities. This focus resulted in a memorandum of ideas relating to the Silver eEconomy in the hope that through engagement with ICT services or products, economic growth relating to active and healthy ageing could occur efficiently and effectively.  The memorandum addressed the ways in which older people should be involved, incorporated and engaged with the Silver eEconomy. It addresses the need for holistic approaches to cross-sectoral innovation societies whilst highlighting the scope of the Silver eEconomy Development and the barriers this development may face.

Further Reading:

Memorandum on Silver eEconomy Development available at: http://eregion.eu/8-6-2016-memorandum-on-silver-eeconomy-development/

Silver eEconomy Development Home, access to paper and video recordings of the conference available at: http://eregion.eu/8-6-2016-silver-economy-development-meeting-ljubljana/

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