Flanders’ Care

Flanders’ Care is an initiative by the Flemish government. This programme aims to ensure the quality of healthcare by stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship, in response to the social and demographic changes which are seen as the biggest challenge for the Flemish health and welfare sector. The intention is to provide a triple win: creating affordable and quality health care and at the same time encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, jobs and economic growth.

The programme emphasises that all stakeholders need to be partners in co-creating the right approach to achieve these aims. Four thematic actions are set out in the programme: data sharing, m-health, assistive technology and tools and chronic care models. In addition to those thematic actions, horizontal actions are planned across all themes. These seek to establish effective cooperation between the care sector and businesses, to ensure an adequate workforce to provide care, to capitalise on international business opportunities, and to include ethical considerations in all proposed activities.

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