The Estonian Active Ageing Development Plan 2013-2020

The Estonian government is currently promoting the importance of older adults’ contributions to society and the labour market. This included the creation of The Active Ageing Development Plan 2013 – 2020. This plan is the first comprehensive policy document, including a vision for strategies and initiatives, relating to older adults published in Estonia. It targets the over 50s and its priorities include strategies to create an age friendly society, to ensure quality of life for the elderly, and to create equal opportunities for the elderly in social, employment, education and health policy.

The policy presents a number of horizontal activities intended to help achieve its ambitions. These aims include monitoring and contributing to the strategic framework, evaluating existing polices and legislations from the perspective of all age groups and improving the visibility of the topics surrounding an ageing population in the Estonian society. Further to the Active Ageing Development Plan, the Welfare Development Plan 2016 – 2023 has been developed, which sets out strategic objectives for labour, social security, social welfare, gender equality and equal opportunity policies.

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Active Ageing Development Plan (Aktiivsena vananemise arengukava 2013–2020) available at: