The Czech Republic’s National Action Plan for Positive Ageing

The Czech National Action Plan for Positive Ageing (NAP, 2013–2017) aims to contribute to prepare the Czech Republic for an increasing number of older citizens. The Action Plan builds on the experience of the previous national programmes for the Preparation for Ageing from 2003 to 2012. The plan sets out to support the development of a society which values people of all age groups, to overcome and change the present stereotypic views of ageing and the old age, and to improve the position of seniors in the society.

The strategy focuses on various topics related to the Silver Economy:

  • Ensuring and protecting human rights of the elderly;
  • Life-long learning;
  • Employment of older workers and seniors;
  • Volunteering and intergenerational cooperation;
  • Higher-quality environment for seniors;
  • Healthy ageing;
  • Care for the elderly.

The Czech Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs is responsible for the implementation of the policy, however, there is strong involvement of other government departments as well. This is required as many of the policy measures outlined in the strategy spill over into domains of other ministries, including the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior.

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