About us

Technopolis Group

Technopolis Group has strong expertise in the analysis of Research and Innovation (R&I) systems, policies and initiatives, and the delivery of support to policy makers in relation to policy and programme design. Technopolis Group also has strong thematic expertise in the field of ICT and Active & Healthy Ageing, smart cities and smart homes.

Bea Mahieu, Project Director

Peter Varnai, Project Manager

Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics specialises in global quantitative analysis and business, and public-policy advice. The firm offers a sophisticated portfolio of forecasting services, consisting of regular reports, databases, and models on countries, cities, and industries, and authored the groundbreaking briefing paper to AARP ‘‘The Longevity Economy - Generating economic growth and new opportunities for business”.

Henry Worthington, Economic Forecasts


cbased is a truly knowledge-based company that efficiently combines in house research with processes and tools that tap the immense pool of knowledge available in communities. The cbased platform allows for new forms of stakeholder involvement processes and to arrive at consensual decisions. The discussion and decision making platform is an innovative launch pad for idea generation processes and document crowdsourcing. 

Hannes Leo, Communication & Participation